High-speed railway line from Zhengzhou to Wanzhou – Henan Section Lot 2

Client Beijing-Guangzhou Railway Passenger Dedicated Line (Henan) Co., Ltd
Speed 350 km/h
Total length 41 km
Planning period 2016 – 2019
Services Supervision Consulting


The line length is 40.82 km in lot 2, start from DK49+149.73 to DK89+970. The main works include subgrade engineering work with length 2.31 km, earth engineering work with 600,000 m3, CFG pile engineering works with 593,747 m total depth of excavating soil, filling pile engineering works with 31,140 m total depth of excavating soil, craft foundation engineering work with 4,946 m3 of excavating material.  
The length of all bridges is 38.652 m and it includes 38.578 m of Super Bridges (Shuang Ji He Bridge, DK 49+149 – DK
75+313 and Shi Liang He Bridge, DK 77+106 – 89+970) and 74.24 m of frame medium bridges.
The length for double-block type ballastless bed of CRTS I is 96.418 km, Installation length for double-block type ballastless track of CRTS I with 537.22 km (Henan section), rail welding for whole line (from Zhengzhou to Wanzhou).
Plant or yard: 1 Material plant, 1 mixing plant for backfilling material, 4 concrete mixing plant, another 2 concrete mixing plant in 2 girder yards, 1138 pieces of girders, 1 big ballast plant, 1 tracklaying base.