High-speed railway line from Beijing to Shanghai, Nanjing Big Bridge - Geological Supervision

Client MOR Ministry of Railway, China CARS, China Academy of Railway Science, China
Total length 1.615m total, spans up to 336 m, Feeder line bridges with a total length of approx. 10 km
Services Geological, geotechnical supervision and consulting


The Nanjing Dashengguan Yangtze bridge is one of the main structures on the high-speed railway line from Beijing to Shanghai. The bridge crosses the large Yangtze River bed, with late Pleistocene and Holocene unconsolidated material, south of Nanjing. The bridge piers are founded on bored piles that transfer the structures load down to the Mesozoic rock ground. In total 2348 bored piles on a total length of 170 km. Lengths of individual piles up to 105 m with a diameter of 2.80 m.